Self-taught handmade jewelry and accessories designer Grace founded ByGraceAmbrose in 2015. A hobby that started after a break-up used as a means of distraction, and creative outlet snowballed into something much begin featured in Vogue, and landing her first pop-up stand at Stylist Live to most recently begin featured in Forbes.


With a background in Design from the renowned Central Saint Martins. Grace went on to work at a range of the world’s leading organisations within fashion, entertainment and finance. Whilst working Grace would often experiment creating new pieces with new techniques and through this birthed original necklaces that she would wear into work– which in turn provided her with her first customer based. The feedback and pieces sold, confirmed that there was a wide range of women whom also liked the distinctive ByGraceAmbrose necklaces - all for different reasons, at different stages in their life and from all walks of life.


ByGraceAmbrose has been made with the modern women in mind, making impacts in their day-to-day life, juggling a multitude of things (Work, social, family and life). The brand style and aesthetic is ‘quirky elegance’; that is bold, bright and playful. It’s aim is to celebrate and empower every women’s individuality, allowing them to refresh, accentuate and expand their personal style and wardrobe.


ByGraceaAmbrose is not a fast fashion label, and will not be found on mass production lines - all items are made by hand and made to order. So will be slightly different each time – which means you will be the only person with the necklace, making it as unique as its wearer. Not made on trends or seasonal collections, the limited edition designs and one-off pieces are the ultimate neck candy to own… She is who she is… love it or hate it!


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