ByGraceAmbrose is an independent fashion brand who specialise in designing bespoke collections and limited-edition pieces. We create accessories ranging across clothing, jewellery and lifestyle. Established in 2015, ByGraceAmbrose was born out of a hobby that started out as a short-term distraction. It soon developed into a heartening labour of love. Grace, creator and founder, enjoys designing and experimenting with different colours, fabrics and styles to create intricately handcrafted accessories that can be worn or displayed in the home, office and beyond.

Worn in the workplace, social settings and casual gatherings, Grace’s necklaces were conversation starters that added a showstopping pop of colour to her wardrobe. These conversations grew into demand, which then turned into orders becoming the first addition to the collection. Her necklaces garnered attention from Vogue and the opportunity to feature as a boutique pop up at Stylist Live and appear as ‘one to watch’ in Forbes. Described as accessories with a ‘quirky elegance’, ByGraceAmbrose is at its heart, bright, bold and playful.

ByGraceAmbrose encourages women to embrace the three R’s of fashion:

  1. Reclaim your wardrobe.
  2. Recycle your outfits.
  3. Rejuvenate your style.

Our products are designed to be extensions of the modern woman’s personality. Whether you’re in search of some neck-candy, an affirming pick-me up or an opportunity to be a part of the supportive ByGA tribe, we believe you’ll find an item that speaks to your inner glow-getter.

ByGraceAmbrose pays homage to the DNA contributed by her Nigerian parents and growing up in the metropolitan cultural melting pot of London. Early exposure to diverse culture and community, the vibrancy of colours, patterns, shapes and styles are all fused together to create the eclectic range of items in our collections.

Grace is a self-taught jeweller and accessory designer, an all-round talented visionary. Each item is made to order, designed with sustainability in mind, packed and shipped with love. Follow the ByGA Tribe on our social platforms to keep up to date with our latest collections and news about the brand.