Create your Own - Gabriella Colour Combination

  • £45.00

Influenced by the Naomi’s. The Gabriella is a play on our best seller, it fuses everything you love about ByGraceAmbrose pieces, the vibrancy, colours, forms and shape.

To personalise your very own Gabriella earrings, please select a colours (Max 4 colours) from the range on display and state your chosen colour in the comments box (any additional information about your order should also be included in this section).

Please note that colour and placements may vary in appearance from what is shown on our website. If you require additional photos or colour references, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

    Size: Hoops 6.2cm with cubes 8.5cm

    What material is used: Round / 100% Alloy / Gold, Silver, Rose gold plated.