Gabriella Cool Blue Cocktail Ring

  • £27.50

Influenced by the Naomi’s. The Gabriella is a play on our best seller, it fuses everything you love about ByGraceAmbrose pieces, the vibrancy, colours, forms and shape.

The Cool Blues Gabriella gives a dose of deep pops of colour for the cool lovers.

Perfect for: Those days where you’re feeling cute and want that Pop of colour!

Where you can take her: Everywhere! She is perfect for every occasion.

How she will make you feel: Playful and cheerful, like you’ve just stumbled across a million dollars.

What gap does she fill: That one item that brings everything together.

What it could go with in your wardrobe: Anything you what her to go with. How she is styled is up to you.

How do I look after her: Keep her away from prolonged sunlight and don’t forget to take her off when applying creams, perfume and make-up (She has been sprayed with fabric protector). Treat her with care and she should last the distance.

Colour mix: Grassy Green, Sapphire Blue, Deep Purple

Size: Cube x1 (2.3cm each) / (Hypoallergenic) Gold alloy adjustable ring

What material is used: 100% fabric / Lightweight / Gold alloy adjustable ring hoop

Sustainably made: Handmade by me in the UK

Other: Personalised colour combinations can be requested, subject to availability (prices may differ)